Full Year Course: Introduction to Literature

A Complete Introduction to Literature Course for Homeschooled High School Students | taught by Cara Shelton

Course description

Intro 2 Lit is a complete full-year literature course designed to introduce homeschooled high school students to the shared structural components found in every work of literature. It is also designed to be easy and fun for both the teacher/parent & the student! By examining the elements of fiction, the plotline, and the literary devices the author employs, the works we read can not only be enjoyed, but more completely understood. Parents and students can learn together, discussing some of the critical ideas behind Western Civilization! The course is designed to fulfill requirements of public school charters in the state of California, and other rigorous entitites. You may download the scope and sequence here:

Intro2Lit Scope & Sequence

In addition to obtaining a deeper appreciation for the literature we read, students will

  • become familiar with vocabulary contained in the works studied through games, puzzles, study lists, and quizzes
  • learn to read for comprehension through the pre-reading discussions and for the near-weekly reading comprehension quizzes.
  • learn to respond to the reading through thoughtful literary analysis during the semester-long writing projects, which they get to choose from those offered
  • and participate in prepared discussions - socratic seminars - conducted in class.

All of the discussion questions for each week (and suggested answers), quizzes, vocabulary unit, grammar units, and writing challenges are included in the teacher's guide, which we recommend downloading onto a tablet or computer. In addition, all short stories, essays, poems, and speeches read will be downloadable as pdf. Each week will include approx. 30-45 minutes of video discussion, broken into two parts (Pt 1. reviews the reading done the previous week, Pt. 2 previews the coming assignment).

The class will require the six texts indicated on the complete scope and sequence as well as an internet connection capable of viewing the videos. You will want to print out student materials provided, but the teacher is advised to simply download the quarterly teacher's guides for ease of access during class.

After the curriculum is purchased, it will be available for 365 days. Please note that by purchasing the curriculum, you agree to use it for one student. Please contact me at cara@redcouchreading.com for discount codes to be used in a group or class setting. Copying, downloading, distributing in any fashion on the web, electronically, or in paper form, or via any other means is expressly illegal and a violation of copyright law. Thank you for helping to protect our intellectual property! :)

Finally, you can always contact Miss Cara for help or questions at: Cara@redcouchreading.com

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Cara Shelton
Cara Shelton
Author & Educator

Miss Cara received a Bachelor of Arts in English from CSU, Northridge, where she graduated magna cum laude. A lifelong bibliophile, Miss Cara has been teaching Literature and English Composition courses for over twenty years now, finding that getting students talking about Literature is just as rewarding as reading it!

Outside of the classroom, Miss Cara and her husband are co-ringmasters of their own "Family Circus," recently having graduated the last of their children from their own homeschool. Author of several children's books, and co-author of a set of devotional books, Miss Cara is excited to provide literature courses that will empower parents, teachers, and students to take education into their own hands!

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Course Curriculum

Lesson 29: Unit 10 - Rhetoric & Style in Practise: Famous Speeches & Poems, Pt. 2
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