Unit - Treasure Island

A 4 week Literature Unit | taught by Cara Shelton

Course description

We take a close look at the competing characters of Treasure Island during this 4-lesson course. Treasure maps, pirate gold, and a novel originally written for young adults make this an enjoyable, accessible tale. The lectures center on details of the work, discussing its structure and style, and investigating the themes raised by the work in light of its context and authorship. Miss Cara also introduces the characteristics of a bildungsroman novel and leads the students in applying the analysis skills learned in Unit 1: Literary Analysis round out this unit.

Prerequisite: Unit 1 Literary Analysis

Cara Shelton
Cara Shelton
Author & Educator

Miss Cara received a Bachelor of Arts in English from CSU, Northridge, where she graduated magna cum laude. A lifelong bibliophile, Miss Cara has been teaching Literature and English Composition courses for over twenty years now, finding that getting students talking about Literature is just as rewarding as reading it!

Outside of the classroom, Miss Cara and her husband are co-ringmasters of their own "Family Circus," recently having graduated the last of their children from their own homeschool. Author of several children's books, and co-author of a set of devotional books, Miss Cara is excited to provide literature courses that will empower parents, teachers, and students to take education into their own hands!

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